Because running a startup is hard enough without having to track down all the funding and resources available to you.
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Apply to the Collective
(Incubators, Accelerators,
and Competitions)

The process for entrepreneurs to apply to startup competitions, incubators, & accelerators is disjointed.

Instead of having to track down the application and fill out the same questions again and again, we have provided an easy way to apply with the click of a button. We want you to do less administrative work, so you can get back to running your venture.

Access to a Critical
Sponsorship Package

Money is tight when following your dreams. We provide each startup that is invited into the Collective with a full sponsorship package, which includes discounts from providers such as Google, Stripe, Intercom, Moo, etc.

For those that haven’t been invited to an accelerator we still have you covered with discounts from WeWork, Trinet, Standuply, Bench, etc.


Create a one-pager

Early-stage startups can be ineffective at conveying their message, and are often not aware of the information investors are looking for from a one-pager.

We alleviate this pain by providing a one-click solution that exports their venture profile as a single page with exactly what investors look for.

Access to applicant
tracking software and AI

We provide features such as recruiting and artificial intelligence applicant tracking software, as well as the ability to create a one-pager which can be used to fund raise.

Apply to a competition or an accelerator with one click of a button through your startup profile.

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