Because running a startup is hard enough without having to track down all the funding and resources available to you.

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With half of the top ten angel groups in the nation on the platform, many incubator and accelerator programs, and constant new applications for competitions, there is always a new program for you to get involved with!

We simplified the process for entrepreneurs to apply to angel groups, startup competitions, incubators, & accelerators by standardizing the top 25 questions investors typically ask.

Instead of having to track down the application and fill out the same questions repeatedly, we have provided an easy way to apply with the click of a button. We want you to do less administrative work, so you can return to running your venture.

Access to a critical Perks Package

Money is tight when following your dreams. We provide each startup invited into the Collective with a complete perks package, which offers discounts or credits for services you typically already use!

Log in and create your venture to access perks to help cut your burn rate

Access a full E-Learning Library of verified information

One of the most challenging parts of being an early-stage founder is the conflicting information you receive about your venture.

We have developed an entire learning library with your interest in mind so that you can find the correct information about the different stages of starting a startup. You'll find information on how to raise capital, sell your product, go from an idea to creation, and many more.

Log in and check the E-learning tab for all of the free content.

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