The logistics of a
competition is hard
enough with good

Why burden yourself further?

Customized software without the cost.

To run a competition today, there are a limited number of software providers to partner with. You can pay a fortune for customized software, try your hand at a spreadsheet, or use low functionality software

We provide inexpensive software that fits the need of a competition with 50 or 1,000 startups.


Ever wonder what happens to the startups that apply to your competition after it is done? Do you know who continued to succeed and who didn’t? What about how many jobs are created through the successful startups?

We give you metrics to figure out how to improve your process and further drive down founder failure.

Pre-added questions

The entrepreneurs you want at a competition are not the ones that have six hours to dedicate to your first-round application process.

We give competitions the ability to streamline their first-round with ten questions already pre-filled out by startups to help ease the burden off of both parties .

More and Better Applications

Post the competition to the Spark xyz community and get significantly more and better-quality startups joining your competition.

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