Capital, Connections, & More

Sparkxyz connects founders to funding sources and provides investors platform management software to run their processes and groups. We assist:



Startup Competitions

Incubators, Accelerators,
VC’s, and Angel Groups
(Spark xyz’s Collective)

Sparkxyz provides an entire backend system to help the collective users:

  • Navigate deal flow and their entire due diligence process
  • Manage member payments and renewals
  • Run events
  • Display their portfolio
  • Display a Jobs Board
  • Manage Mentors
  • Syndicate Deals
  • Track and Manage Fund Performance (Coming Soon)
  • Manage Perks and provide a turn-key $500k solution for their perks package
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  • Standardize Startup Venture Profile to Apply to Multiple Investors
  • Digitized Template for Easy Sharing to Investors Off of Platform
  • Create a one-pager PDF
  • Access Free Perks
  • Learn from our E-Learning Startup Education Library
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Competition Software

  • Free competition software? Say Less.
  • Run the Entire Process Start to Finish
  • Accept Payments for Applications
  • Customize Judge Permissions and Manage Access by Round
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