The Entrepreneurship

An end-to-end solution to early stage ventures and
the firms that support them.

Spark xyz’s focus is on connecting
these three key fragmented areas:

Accelerators & Venture Capital Firms



Incubators, Accelerators,
and Venture Capital Firms
(Spark xyz’s Collective)

Spark xyz provides an entire backend system to help the collective with navigating deal flow, running recruiting events, and general operations.

Additionally, we have provided a turn key solution to your sponsorship package with companies such as Google, Zendesk, Stripe, etc. providing much needed discounts and free services for your portfolio companies.

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We provide features such as recruiting and artificial intelligence applicant tracking software, as well as the ability to create a one-pager which can be used to fund raise.

Apply to a competition or an accelerator with one click of a button through your startup profile.

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Application software

Spark xyz provides partners and universities with the ability to run entrepreneurship applications, whereby allowing them to gain access to metrics, more applicants, and customized software without the cost.

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