Alleviate makes self-treatment systems for common musculoskeletal injuries as an alternative to traditional physical therapy.

Boston, MA, USA

One Liner

One Liner
Alleviate makes self-treatment systems for common musculoskeletal injuries as an alternative to traditional physical therapy.

What Problem We are Solving

Alleviate is on a mission to address a critical treatment gap in physical therapy & sports medicine.  >30M Americans have a chronic injury that significantly impacts their quality of life – too severe for traditional over the counter products, but where medical interventions are either too drastic or hard to access.  We make solutions for those people to treat their own chronic injury at home.

About Us

About Us
Alleviate makes products that help people treat their own chronic injuries.  We were founded by a patient-provider duo in 2020 who both saw the same treatment gap in Physical Therapy / Rehab from different perspectives. 

30 Millions are living with a highly treatable "overuse injury," but don't have access to an effective treatment.  On average, they will spend 10 years and thousands of dollars out of pocket for only a 55% chance of recovery.  Our solutions get customers 60% better in 6 weeks.  We take the methods that reliably work for those injuries, productize them, and make them available to anyone on any budget.    

Each of our solutions is injury-specific.  It includes the hardware to treat physical injury, and software to build habit & change behavior.  Each of our solutions also follows the same treatment approach, creating a repeatable R&D process and consistent brand platform.  

We have: 
Proven Demand & Differentiation with >$2M in revenue and triple-digit YoY growth
Proven effectiveness with data from >3k customers
Built a Winning Team of 7 Full-Time employees, including a PT to pro athletes, a Harvard MBA and 3 former Amazon digital health team members. 
Developed a Cash-Efficient R&D Engine :  We can design and launch new products with a repeatable, well-understood, de-risked process
Tested the Playbook for Profitable Growth : Strong unit economics in both D2C and B2B2C channels, with a charted path to profitability with low capital requirements.

Venture Highlights

- Our YoY growth trajectory has gone from 50k -> 500k -> 1M
- Loft Brace was honored with International Red Dot Award for Product Design, the most prestigious award in Industrial design.
- First Runner-up in Harvard Business School Alumni New Venture competition
- Backed by Tech Coast Angels, Oregon Sports Angels, Harvard Business School Alumni Angels, The WayFund (Angel group investing in former Wayfair employees), Kenston Capital, and numerous sophisticated individual angels, including public company CEOs, MDs at top-tier PE firms, and physicians. 
- Selected as a Trusted Partner by Talar Medical, a leading Physician organization in podiatry
- 6 Patent Applications and a robust IP pipeline

Business Model

Business Model
The business model of today is primarily that of a simple D2C brand.  We are profitable at the customer and unit level from the first purchase, and make additional margin from repeat purchases and organic referrals.   (note: we will continue to improve the COGS and CAC #'s as we scale and develop).

We are shifting our business model to be a hybrid between D2C, B2B2C, and SaaS.  We have already gotten our first >100 paid  software users and first dozen distribution / enterprise accounts, with a clear roadmap to expand these channels in parallel with D2C growth.  

Further down the road, we expect to be able to offer our products as reimbursable medical devices, and provide highly differentiated telehealth Physical Therapy services.  

This phased approach has allowed us to get to market and start selling quickly without a huge amount of up-front capital.

Competitive Advantage

To Customers:  
Our products are comprehensive, simple, affordable, and actually work.  This is a space that is full of ineffective or partial solutions, where finding the right one is a needle in a haystack.  We sell a SOLUTION, not a product, cutting through the clutter and building credibility.    

To Investors:  What makes us special as an angel investment is that we already have a business that fundamentally works and have very low all-in capital requirements to get to an exit.  We sell need-based physical products to happy customers in a huge market with profitable unit economics, and can get to cash-flow positive with a lean fixed cost-structure.  While we could raise venture capital in the future, we don't HAVE to -- angels can take us all the way to a major liquidity event.  


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Go-To Market Strategy

Business Strategy
We have a phased Go-To-Market strategy: 

Phase 1 (past):  Launch the Plantar Fasciitis product on our D2C website, Alleviatetherapy.com -- and drive traffic using a combination of Google Search and Instagram with a "one-time sales" model
Phase 2 (past):  Add 3rd party distribution through specialty channels whose customers have high overlap with our early adopters - e.g. cash-pay PT providers, sports specialty stores, military, pharmacy and consumer medical retailers.
Phase 3 (present):  Add new product lines to grow B2B account size, charge for our software to drive LTV and recurring revenue, increase the share of organic traffic and number of B2B accounts to get to Cash-Flow Positive.     
Phase 3 (future):  Get large-scale enterprise contracts with employers, payers, and providers; leveraging 3rd party product validation combined with the brand we have built in phases 1 & 2.


Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysys
1.  Focus:  Each product is focused on a specific injury.  
2.  Comprehensive:  Seamless integration of physical products and digital content.  By controlling all aspects of the experience and feeling ownership over the end-to-end customer journey, we de-mystify the process for the consumer and give them a "one-stop-shop."
3.  Effective:  We collect data from all users of our app, building a dataset that shows our products actually work over time.  

Competitor Website
Fasciitis Fighter www.fasciitisfighter.com.au
Prehab Guys theprehabguys.com
The Ready State thereadystate.com


We are open to meeting up to grab a coffee, or just to chat. We would really enjoy your feedback and insight into our venture and would be happy to discuss anything that you are currently working on to see if we can be of service!



Name Amount
Amount Left $825,000.00
Amount Raised (This Round) $675,000.00
Amount Raise To Date $4M
Type of Raise Convertible Note

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Business Stage
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