Like OpenTable for restaurants, Airbnb for lodging, or Priceline for airfare - Meallogix is the Marketplace for freshly prepared and delivered meals. By connecting the supply to the demand, we open a virtually untapped $11B market.

One Liner

One Liner
Like OpenTable for restaurants, Airbnb for lodging, or Priceline for airfare - Meallogix is the Marketplace for freshly prepared and delivered meals. By connecting the supply to the demand, we open a virtually untapped $11B market.

What Problem We are Solving

The Meal Prep Sector has two problems; the tens of thousands of meal prep companies that service this market is underserved and overlooked by technology forcing them to operate their business inefficiently. 

For the supply, Meallogix builds the operating system that powers meal prep companies - when I say operating system, it automated and digitizes their entire business taking what normally is 30 hours of manual tasks and reduces it to just 30-mins. 

The second problem is with Demand. Currently, the 33M purchasing pre-made meals are doing so in a very friction-filled process. Meallogix will fix these problems by creating a Software Enabled Marketplace. Meallogix is a SaaS Enabled Marketplace, much like OpenTable, UpWork and Mindbody we combine our standalone ERP that automates and digitizes the front-end Ecommerce and back-of-the kitchen processes for Meal Prep companies with a Meal Prep Marketplace. The Marketplace connects the 33M consumers who purchase pre-made meals with the thousands of SMB Meal Prep Companies who cook them. 

Our software is essential to the meal prep companies which allows Meallogix to aggregate the supply and then drive the 33M consumers purchasing meal prep through what is currently a very friction-filled process - thus benefiting from real network effects and monetizing through multiple revenue points 

About Us

About Us
2020 witnessed Meallogix open our oversubscribed $1.2 million seed round, reaching $1.7 million at the close. In Q1 2022, we followed with a $2 million bridge round; our Board and Advisors invested $1 million within 48 hours, and we additionally captured high profile investors Tech Coast Angels San Diego and Los Angeles, the Band of Angels in the Bay, Frontier Angels and Spark Growth Ventures for a total of $2M. We have expanded the round to $3M for additional investors. 

Our strategy is to continue building toward our anticipated Series A funding in Q4 2022, which will open the door to creating our Meal Prep Marketplace. Meallogix will operate at the nexus of an $11.4 billion market, where 33 million consumers will be able to purchase directly from our SaaS platform customers. 

Venture Highlights

From July - Sept 2020 we presold and charged customers $149 to be on the waitlist for Version 1.0
We sold 300 customers, 10x more than we expected 
In Jan. 2021 we successfully launched Version 1.0 of the Meallogix Platform and onboarded 25 early adopters 
In March 2021 we deployed our commercially viable Version 2.0 and began onboarding customers 
From Jan to April we reduced our onboarding time from 4 weeks to 8 days 
78% Demo to Close ratio - extremely high showing there is a need and demand for our product 
662% increase in value of sales from $11,557 to $88,041. 
44% MoM increase in Gross Volume 
From Q4 2021 to Q1 2022, we experienced an increase in the volume of sales on our platform of 662%, from $11,557 to $88,041; and 
An increase of 200% in run-rate MMR during the same period. 

Business Model

Business Model
Meallogix SaaS platform customers pay a subscription fee of $249/month. 

What makes our financial model unique is we are vertically integrated into every financial transactional point in the supply chain; including credit card processing fees, rebates on ingredient purchases through partners Sysco and US Foods, and third-party delivery fees (e.g., DoorDash).

Fully ramped, each Meallogix SaaS platform customer will generate an estimated $480/month revenue over an average life of 40 months, for $19,200 in gross lifetime value. On a per Transaction basis, we generate $2.81. 

Once the Marketplace is launched, our unit economics increase dramatically. The 33M consumers who purchase 1-billion in meals each year now become our TAM. 

As a result of the marketplace commission fee to Meallogix of $1.50 on each meal sold and the additional card processing fees of approximately $0.20 per transaction, we estimate generating $1.70 in fees per meal, increasing our average marketplace transaction value by 4x from $2.81 to $11.50, on a 2,100% larger TAM. 

We expect the typical Marketplace customer to order 20 meals per month, generating roughly $34 per customer/per month. 

Competitive Advantage

Meallogix is attractive to investors because we have derisked the company in the areas of product development, product-market fit, sales, and onboarding and we have a seasoned leadership team with multiple exits and have already displayed to investors traction and KPIs that continue to increase. 


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Go-To Market Strategy

Business Strategy
Meallogix goes to market through a multi-channel subscriber acquisition process that includes outbound calling and inbound conversion from leads through organic and paid SEO and direct subscriber acquisition advertising. We plan to acquire Marketplace customers through paid search and other advertising.

Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysys
Indirect competition includes the in-house methods such as Excel spreadsheets and paper and pencil as well as other technology providers to the MPO market, such as Meal Prep Tech, Sprwt and Happy Meal Prep
Competitor Website
Meal prep tech
Happy Meal Prep


We are open to meeting up to grab a coffee, or just to chat. We would really enjoy your feedback and insight into our venture and would be happy to discuss anything that you are currently working on to see if we can be of service!



Name Amount
Amount Left $1.00
Amount Raised (This Round) $2.00
Amount Raise To Date $2.80
Type of Raise Convertible

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Business Stage

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Business Types
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Last Updated: 05/17/22

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