Trubify is an award-winning, disruptive livestreaming music technology platform.

Coto De Caza, CA 92679, USA

One Liner

One Liner
Trubify is an award-winning, disruptive livestreaming music technology platform.

What Problem We are Solving

Most music artists cannot earn meaningful income by making music, even though they have marketable skills. Three major roadblocks to earning significant income online are decentralization, demonetization, and deplatforming. Market segments Trubify serves: live music, music streaming, recorded music, and retail advertising. We segment our customers into three buckets: low-to-mid tier artists (<25k fans), mid-to-top tier artists (25k - 2.5m fans), and celebrities (>2.5m). Our primary customer segment is the mid-to-top tier established artists as this is the vast majority of working musicians with loyal followings. 1min pitch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8Jxyrzgmew (Significant progress since filmed in 2020, but here for reference)

About Us

About Us
Trubify has launched a livestreaming app that centralizes artists’ online presence, including an embedded digital concierge service that manages business demands of artists, and provides an a la carte offering of fully customizable, innovative monetization streams built into deep fan engagement features. We provide the highest ad-revenue payouts in the industry, allow integrated tips from fans, online event ticket sales, patronage, music lessons, backing track sales, merchandise sales, influencer marketing opportunities, and a fan CRM for artists to manage and market to their fans across all platforms. Developed by musician- technologists in collaboration with working musicians.

Business Model

Business Model
Trubify has built feature sets that maximize engagement & revenue across the Trubify user base. There are two sides of revenue 1) fan-generated and 2) brand-generated (indicated below). Single Platform With Seamless UI/UX • End-to-end Concierge Services • Livestreaming & archiving • Per-view payouts (brand) • Online Event Tickets (fan) • Tipping (fan) • Patronage (fan) • Music Lessons (fan) • Influencer Marketing (brand) • eCommerce (brand and fan) • Web Application • NFT Marketplace for Music Creators • Live Concert Scheduling The app is FREE to use; all revenues are split with the artist.

Competitive Advantage

Trubify is the only app that brings together the best features of existing platforms while providing innovative monetization streams within sticky fan-engagement features. We also have three utility patents in process and nine others identified and in-queue. Significant improvements in artist monetization: • Artists can earn a living • A la carte revenue streams • Highest per view payouts • Machine-learning matchmaking between brand and artist Significant improvements in fan engagement: • Top fan leaderboard • Intelligent search & sort • Backstage pass (private encores) • Band-On-Demand for solo artists Our long-term competitive advantage includes the robust financial services that can be expanded upon within every Trubify account.


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Go-To Market Strategy

Business Strategy
Trubify's target customers are split into three segments: low-to-mid tier artists, mid-to-high tier artists, and celebrities. We have a unique (yet very robust) acquisition strategy for each of these customer segments: Low-to-mid tier - Led by growth expert Sami Khan (Honey, Acorns, etc.), we are targeting these artists on social media. 2,500+ of these artists have signed up in last 6 weeks alone. Mid-to-top tier - Led by Artist Relations Director, Ryan Sullivan. He has built a team of professional managers, agents, producers, and record labels for wide reach. We have 60+ of these artists. Celebrity - We are leveraging these artists through our extensive internal network. We currently have 18 celebrity artists.


We are open to meeting up to grab a coffee, or just to chat. We would really enjoy your feedback and insight into our venture and would be happy to discuss anything that you are currently working on to see if we can be of service!



Name Amount
Amount Left -$2,400,000.00
Amount Raised (This Round) $3,100,000.00
Amount Raise To Date N/A


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