The Good Patch.

The Good Patch created the patch category in the beauty and wellness market, now with full chain distribution in Target and revenue surpassing $1.5M in Q1 2021.

Hermosa Beach, CA 90254, USA

One Liner

One Liner
The Good Patch created the patch category in the beauty and wellness market, now with full chain distribution in Target and revenue surpassing $1.5M in Q1 2021.

What Problem We are Solving

We primarily target women ages 25-55 and solve for everyday ailments such as anxiety, sleep, energy, menstrual symptoms, and pain. We merchandise well with beauty products and natural supplements, and speak to a beauty customer. We are disrupting the dull old pain patch market that would never appeal to a beauty customer, and making a new category to solve for a variety of additional need states. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYVmByGFWFg

About Us

About Us
Efficient delivery of functional ingredients, with sustained release over the course of 8-12 hours. No crazy spikes or crashes. Unlike ingestibles and other delivery mechanisms, with patches the customer remains in complete control. Patches go on when you need them, and off when you don't.

Business Model

Business Model
We run at an 81% DTC margin and 77% wholesale margin, and are extremely capital efficient. We were cash flow positive in Q4, and are now looking to fuel the growth ahead with additional marketing and operational infrastructure.

Competitive Advantage

We have an unparalleled online presence and physical retail footprint amongst emerging competitors, along with branding and packaging that resonates with a millennial customer. The brand is easily and readily shared across social media channels. We solve for a variety of need states, and have strategically built our brand via key best-in-class retail partners.


Revenue To Date
Revenue YTD
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Go-To Market Strategy

Business Strategy
We are focusing on customer acquisition through social media channels, in addition to capitalizing on marketing opportunities via our key retailers such as Target, Anthropologie, Ulta (launching in May), and FabFitFun. We are rolling out through upper and mid tier retailers across a variety of channels: independent spas and upscale boutiques, a variety of national apparel retailers such as Nieman Marcus and Bloomingdales, Target and Ulta as mass market partners, and a variety of natural grocers across the country.


We are open to meeting up to grab a coffee, or just to chat. We would really enjoy your feedback and insight into our venture and would be happy to discuss anything that you are currently working on to see if we can be of service!



Name Amount
Amount Left -$1,050,000.00
Amount Raised (This Round) $1,500,000.00
Amount Raise To Date N/A


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