What Problem We are Solving

The trucking industry faces a tremendous driver shortage. 70% of trucking companies reported they cannot find enough drivers and now suffers from a 100% turnover rate which is leading to huge ripple effects as truck driving is the #1 job in over 29 states. The truck driver shortage is major and is projected to hit 175,000 drivers by 2026. Truck drivers love what they do, but are leaving the industry because the lifestyle it forces on their families, being away from home weeks at a time, 16 hour work days, 6 days a week.

Relay solves these problems by providing existing truck drivers a better way to work while brining back truck drivers who previously left the industry by making it easily accessible and incredibly flexible. Relay provides tremendous value for carriers by automating 90% of daily driver staffing/dispatching operations with just a few clicks allowing carriers to reduce labor costs and increase revenue by putting a driver in the seat of the truck anytime, anywhere, and whenever they need. 

About Us

Relay is an on-demand mobile/web tech platform that connects truck drivers who don't own their own truck with carriers who need a driver. Relay is like the Uber for truck drivers where we’ve created a drivershare network that seamlessl intergrates with our technology. Relay is Freedom for truck drivers by giving them the ability to work when and how often they like. For trucking companies, Relay creates tremendous efficiency by  solving the answer to their #1 issue by giving them ability to get a driver anytime, anywhere, and whenever they need through our automated platform.

Venture Highlights

Relay is the next big thing in trucking. We've just recently launched and already are seeing great traction. Just through word of mouth and a free job ad in 5 months, Relay has already had over 500 drivers apply to be part of our drivershare network. This was only within a 35 mile radius from our Corona,Ca headquarters!
In addition, we've grown revenue to an MRR of $35k in the same short period. Four weeks ago, Relay took 1st place in the Riverside County Innovation Month Pitch Competition Finale.

Business Model

Relay generates revenue by charging carriers for the length of time a carrier uses a driver on a Relay Move. We then pay the Relay Driver and keep a % of the total charged to the carrier. Our target carrier is one who has 3-100 trucks and struggles with keeping enough drivers and spends a lot of operations time to manage their driver fleet. These carriers end up utilizing Relay because it saves them tremendous operational labor and costs while giving them the ability to generate more revenue with their trucks by always having a driver available at the tap of a button.

Competitive Advantage

Relay is the only platform that can automate 90% of daily driver staffing/dispatching operations with just a few clicks. The Transportation Staffing industry is a large market that has yet to adopt technology. This industry is ripe for disruption and we developed the technology to do it.


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Go-To Market Strategy

We attracting drivers through free job ad listings like Indeed/Monster and referrals from current excited Relay Drivers. For carriers, we plan to market through Facebook and direct B2B sales teams.

Competitive Analysis

Our closet competitor is a traditional temp-to-hire staffing company. The industry is dominated by fragmented players who are slow to adopt technology. A traditional staffing company requires 3-4 employees to put a driver in the seat of a truck for a carrier which can take several days to weeks, whereas Relay automates this process through technology which dispatches and tracks the driver in real time. As a result the traditional staffing players cannot come close to competing on price, service, or flexibility for carriers and truck drivers.
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We are open to meeting up to grab a coffee, or just to chat. We would really enjoy your feedback and insight into our venture and would be happy to discuss anything that you are currently working on to see if we can be of service!




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