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Sponsorship Packages

Every portfolio company invited by the Collective gets access to deals from providers such as Google, Stripe, Zendesk, Moo, Bench, etc. These benefits save startups hundreds of thousands of dollars and provide an additional selling point for the launchpad, incubator, and accelerator to attract better quality ventures.

Recruiting Events

Hosting a recruiting event for startups can be a frustrating endeavor for both the startup and the potential employee. Startups collect hundreds of resumes without having a system to organize them and put a face to a name. Potential employees are also left frustrated when they do not know where in the process they are.

We’ve created a solution where accelerators can link startups to a recruiting page and allow startups to integrate potential employees from a recruiting event directly into their process.

Deal Flow

Accelerators have to look at anywhere from 1,000 to 1,500 potential portfolio companies to make 15 investments. Only looking at the deals in your network limits finding an undervalued diamond in the rough. Add your application to your website and Spark xyz to gain access to tens of thousands of startups.

Artificial Driven Results

The data for early stage startups is hyper-fragmented due to the fact that prior systems did not cover users from early stage competitions through late stage accelerators, creating a loss of data at each interval.

Having this data will provide the Collective with a full spectrum of information about each of their startups, including: how to improve them (homogenous teams, hybrid entrepreneurship, etc.) and what areas they considered high risk (go-to market strategy, competition, and ability to execute).

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