The Pros and Cons of Hybrid Entrepreneurship

Founder Dilemmas
Leap. Quit your job. Leave it all behind. Follow your dream. I am tired of reading posts about entrepreneurship written by people who have no idea what they are doing. The notion of walking away from your current career or school is utter nonsense unless you have a venture that can raise capital or sustain itself long enough to hit some inflection point.

Rewards — splitting equity

Founder Dilemmas
Splitting equity? Welcome to the zone of contention. A guide on how to avoid common mistakes

Roles- The pitfalls of role dynamics in an early stage startup.

Founder Dilemmas
How to avoid role divisions when creating your dream

Relationships — Who to found with?

Founder Dilemmas
Founding a company with friends and family? You might want to reconsider

Go Solo, or find help? Pitfalls for Solo founding and Co-founding

Founder Dilemmas
Become a solo founder or enlist co-founders? Pitfalls to consider on both sides

Should you even found?

Founder Dilemmas
Are you ready to take the jump? Pitfalls to consider when looking to make the dive

No one is trying to steal your idea

Founder Dilemmas
Why keeping your idea a secret is going to lead to your downfall

The Co-founder that never was

Founder Dilemmas
A story of how I recruited my technical Co-founder and why I chose not to recruit someone

Advice for International Founders

Founder Dilemmas
Konsus joined Y Combinator this spring in the W16 batch. We applied from Norway, where we had launched our company a few months earlier, and had good traction at 10% weekly growth.

How to Find a Technical Co-Founder

Founder Dilemmas
There seem to be many founders who can’t launch because they don’t have the strong technical skills to build what they want to build and don’t know how to find a technical co-founder. So we wanted to offer some advice.

Mistakes First-Time Founders Make

Founder Dilemmas
Learn about some mistakes founders make

How to Offer Stock Equity to Your Employees

Founder Dilemmas
Learn more about how to distribute stock equity to your employees.

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