How to recruit a Co-founder: Do’s & Don’ts

The toughest part of starting any venture is getting the right person to believe in what you are doing.

How to write a job description

Easy exercise for writing the right job description

Recruiting Intro

Intro into our module on recruiting; who are you looking for?

Screening: The Phone Interview

Don’t waste valuable time meeting with every candidate. Use the steps below to screen out red flag candidates before sitting down for a full interview.

Top Down Interview

The deep dive into a candidates past.

The Culture Interview

The top down interview addresses a candidate’s competency for the role, whereas the culture interview serves as a change to look at cultural fit as well as a chance to revisit anything you’d like to re-examine from the top down interview.

The Reference check

The most overlooked part of an interview process

The Sales Interview Process

An alternative recruiting process for sales

How to Create an Effective Training and Development Program for Startups

The path to professional growth for startups is different than in established corporations. With limited employees, budgets and time, startups must prioritize where they invest those resources. While it is understandable for startups to be cautious where they spend in this stage, there is one internal investment that startups should never overlook when working toward growth: training and development programs.

Hearts and Minds: How to Keep Tech Talent Post-COVID

Studies show that during the COVID-19 pandemic tech employees are working longer hours, skipping breaks and experiencing a general fatigue toward remote processes. Such exhaustive behaviors are problematic when considering the demand for tech workers has remained high throughout the crisis.

How the Shift to Remote Work Is Changing Silicon Valley for the Better

When Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced in May that employees would be able to work from home—or from wherever they’d like—indefinitely, it marked a major change in the tech industry. Soon, other Silicon Valley companies, including Square, Slack and Upwork, followed suit, announcing their own plans to shift to a remote model. And as COVID-19 continues to spike in California, more tech giants are likely to do the same.

Why Startups Need Guiding Principles

There’s a persistent myth in the startup world that to build an innovative company you need a freewheeling culture that lets everybody do things their own way.

4 Reasons to Adopt Virtual Recruiting Today

If I told you two years ago that you would hire graduates from the class of 2020 without meeting them in person and without them ever setting foot in your office, you would have been rightfully incredulous. But this scenario doesn’t sound nearly as far-fetched today.

“I Need a New Career:” How to Break Into the Tech Industry

If you’re reading this you may be telling yourself, “I need a new career.” So what should you do if you want to work at a tech company, but feel like you don’t have the right experience to break in? In short, you should target specific tech companies whose mission aligns with what you’ve accomplished in the past.

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