Business Plan Submission

The Jewish Founders & Funders Meetup is a collective of Jewish founders of venture-scale startups and early stage investors in the Puget Sound area.

Application Closed


Follow the instructions to upload your company profile and founders' profiles. Note that once your deal room is live on our Sparkxyz platform you will be able to pushbutton-share with hundreds of other participating angel networks, accelerators, incubators and venture catalysts that use the same software. 


At least one of the co-founders of the business must be of Jewish heritage. 

We prefer pre-seed, seed and Series A stage companies although exceptions can be made. 

The company must be local to the Pacific Northwest. 


We invite 2-4 companies to present at the monthly meetings of the JFF. Because our group is not restricted to accredited investors, founders must not include specific funding terms (price per share, valuation, etc.) in their slide decks. Those details can be shared directly with investors who approach you after your presentation, privately. 

The screening committee will inform you if there is interest in having you come and present to our group. 

What an Applicant can Obtain

One advantage of submitting your business plan to the JFF is that you can transfer your entire dealroom to any other angel group or collective on the SparkXYZ platform with a single pushbutton. We will often recommend other groups to apply to in order to help round out your raise if our group did not speak for all of it. 

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