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MEDA Angels provides Investor Members with several programs:

(1) Investment opportunities: this is our core program. We identify and screen promising deal flow sourced from throughout the US and on occasion, internationally. We present Mid-Seed and Series A investment opportunities, and where compelling, pre/Series B, in companies meeting our investment thesis (below, under “For Startups” section).

We strive to provide our members with the highest quality deal flow. How do we do this?

  • As actual potential end-users of novel healthcare technologies, we can expertly & swiftly assess the product market fit of technologies: a critical screening step.
  • We leverage our roots in and extensive networks built over years with top medical schools, healthcare systems, industry, research Centers of Excellence, incubators, accelerators and innovation hubs where many startups are spawn or affiliated with.
  • We exchange deal flow with trusted, syndicate partners who share the same vision & investment thesis.
  • Schedule:
    • Every 2 months: alternating virtual & on-site pitch meetings (DC & Philadelphia)
    • Ad hoc: virtual pitch meetings when a highly promising investment opportunity arises (approximately 3-4x a year)
(2) NEW! Advisory opportunities: we recognize that some startups require a guiding hand, and with the right Advisory, can turn into rising stars. As senior-level experts, our Members are positioned to be such Advisors. Our twice-a-year Startup Showcases are intended to introduce startups to Advisors/Investors. Program details are provided here.

(3) Education: our sessions are often a unique blend of Investor Roundtables meet Medical Grand Rounds, bringing both sides of the table together on:

  • Macro investment topics.
  • Healthcare-specific investment topics.
  • Due diligence, basic & advanced.
  • Current topics, such as COVID-19 & its impact on macro & healthcare-specific investing.
  • Schedule: ad hoc.
We invite accredited investors to join as members! To check whether you qualify for accredited investor status per the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission regulations, CLICK HERE .


Two options are available:

Option 1:  Direct + Special Purpose Entity (“SPE”) Investments.  

  • Direct investments:  diligence independently, invest directly with a startup.
  • SPE  investments:  funds are pooled from interested members in a given opportunity & invested via an SPE (e.g. an LLC) established for the sole purpose of investing in a given company. A number of benefits are available through SPE investments:
    • A complete diligence report
    • Co-investment by at least one MEDA Angels Founder, assuring vested interest
    • $5000 minimum investment, an attractive entry point
    • Greater negotiating capability with a startup
    • Complete management services of the SPE by MEDA Angels Management Group (“MAMG” comprised of MEDA Founders) including SPE formation, legal, annual K-1 accounting, regular reporting of a startup’s progress to investors, access to a post-investment platform & benefit from group’s collective support of the startup
    • Profit-sharing in SPEs for diligence support.  Details in our Investor Prospectus – please inquire.
Option 2:  Direct Investments Only 

  • diligence independently
  • negotiate directly with startup
For both options:

  • Access to all deal flow material on a dedicated platform.
  • Invitations to all pitch sessions, educational seminars & Startup Showcases for Advisory opportunities.
Annual Dues: 

Option 1: Direct + SPE Investments*

  • Individual membership: $750
  • Institutional membership: $1,500
Option 2: Direct Investments Only

  • Individual membership: $1,250
  • Institutional membership: $2,500
*SPE Investment Fees:

  • 2% one-time management fee per SPE.
  • Standard fees for SPE formation, annual K-1 accounting & state filings.
  • Percent carry to MAMG & Diligence Team Members.
    • 100% of an investor’s principal will be paid first, upon a liquidity event.
    • Details available in our Investor Prospectus – please inquire.

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