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TCA Venture Group (TCA or TCA VG), formerly known as Tech Coast Angels, is one of the largest angel investor groups in the U.S

TCA actively seeks great startups to fund and for members to join our network. 

Providing more than just money, with its 450+ members, TCA brings connections, knowledge, mentoring and operational assistance to early-stage entrepreneurs with bold game-changing ideas.

Let us help you to turn your vision into a successful business!


We are industry agnostic and have a valuation upper limit cap of around 10M.

Founders have to be US based


Submit an application and our pre-screening committee will be in touch. 

If you meet our criteria and our prescreening committee determines that your venture is a good fit we will bring you into a screening meeting to pitch to all of our members.

From there individual investors will have the ability to do deeper due diligence, fund your company, and nominate you for investment from our fund

What an Applicant can Obtain

Investment from individual angels that range from $25,000- $500,000

Nomination for our evergreen funds investment which can net you another $100,000-$200,000

Access to all of our angels for mentorship as well as their connections (incredible people to have on your cap table)

Access to our perks package of $500,000 in discounts and credits

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