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We are building a network of individuals interested in learning how to invest in early-stage ventures. It's extremely difficult to find a formal way to learn the basics of venture investing and then apply your knowledge in a risk-averse way. We are helping you better define your investment thesis and giving you the confidence to make your first investment. If you are a more seasoned investor, we need your help to grow this community and give back to the institutions that helped us thrive. 


Membership is for accredited investors and unaccredited investors. Even if you don't understand the difference between the two, we can help you begin your early-stage investing journey. Only accredited investors can join our network fund but unaccredited investors can learn the diligence process. Understanding how to recognize a good investment takes a long time and we want you to be ready to invest when you eventually become an accredited investor. We are trying to supplement the Pre-Seed and Friends & Family rounds of investment. 


Your first meeting will be with James Bottom to better understand where you are in your early-stage venture investment education. Members join Protea Labs with various levels of financial literacy in this area and we are here to help grow your knowledge base. There are low annual dues that help us give back to the institutions or programs that provide us with deal flow and priming the pump of our startup ecosystem. 

What an Applicant can Obtain

We host monthly classes to help you better master the basics fundamentals of venture investment. This is a live virtual four-part class with a knowledgeable instructor and each session is approximately two hours. You can attend this program as many times as you like and it may take you a few times to really grasp all of the concepts. This will give you a solid foundation to build from and enables you to better understand the financial mechanics of how startup value is created. We have weekly screening sessions where you can apply your knowledge by doing due diligence on all of the startups coming to our network for investment. We share investment opportunities across various networks and hope you join our community! 

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