FoundersBoost LA Fall 2021 (Formerly Startup Boost LA)

Helping founders prepare for accelerators, investment, and revenue.

Los Angeles, CA, USA

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FoundersBoost is a global pre-accelerator program with a mission to lead pre-seed stage startups towards Accelerators, Investment, and Revenue. The program provides high quality one-on-one mentorship and large global network to help accelerate the growth of startups accepted.

The program takes no equity and charges no fees and the dedication of our gifted program leaders and mentors.

Each cohort takes place once weekly over a 6 week period one evening a week typically from 6pm-9pm, where the best speakers and mentors meet to work with promising pre-seed/seed stage startups. The program naturally integrates into a founders schedule on a part time weekly basis to create an iterative cycle of accountability and growth that maximizes and compounds the learnings and insights gained each week. The program culminates in a Demo Day. Additionally, there is a Global Investor Day for all the city programs that provides even further exposure for accepted startups.

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