Launchpad Expo Venture Conference for AI/ML

The five startups presenting at this Launchpad Expo investment conference have been vetted from a pool of applicant companies for highest quality ROI potential. They span from MVP/pre-revenue stage to Series A stage, and can be from any subsegment of the AI/ML sector.

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Application Deadline

Application Deadline


Judging Deadline

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Judging Deadline



Follow the instructions to upload your company profile and founders' profiles. Note that once your deal room is live on our Sparkxyz platform you will be able to pushbutton-share with hundreds of other participating angel networks, accelerators, incubators and venture catalysts that use the same software.

There is no fee to apply to a Launchpad Expo conference. As part of the due diligence process, our mentors will work with the finalists to perfect their pitches, and each will be offered the opportunity to practice their final pitches, either in person at the venue or virtually with the coaches. Each of the five finalists will be charged a $400 commitment fee. This secures their position to present, provides for a demo table at the Expo, and includes two event tickets for representatives of the company. All food & beverage, parking, included. 

The next five semi-finalists will be offered the opportunity to have a demo table at the event. The afterparty at these Launchpad Expo events typically goes on for several hours, during which time the investor audience mingles with the combined ten companies at their demo tables. There is a $100 commitment fee for the demo table. This secures a demo table at the Expo, and includes two event tickets for representatives of the company. All food & beverage, parking, included. 


The applicant must be in the general category of "AI/ML" for this particular Expo event. Note that we have upcoming events in related sectors such as FinTech, Web3, etc. You may be invited to submit your application to other Expos, especially if you were not selected for this one due to sector fit. Resubmitting is a single-click matter. 

Your company must be in active fund-raising mode, or expect to be by the Expo date (June 12th, 2024) as the audience is primarily accredited investors seeking investment opportunities. 

Your company must have early revenue. We may make exceptions if you have a working MVP with identified near-term revenue prospects. 

Being located in the Pacific Northwest is not a requirement but is a big plus. 


The Launchpad Expo staff will pre-screen all applications and forward ones which meet the eligibility criteria to the screen committee. Deadline for applications is May 15.

What an Applicant can Obtain

The objective in participating in this expo is to gain exposure to potential investors with a specific interest in this sector. Prizes will be awarded to the company with the Best Investment Opportunity (a digital crowd vote will be taken at the end of the presentations), provided by our sponsors. Details on the prizes will be provided closer to the event date. 

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