Venture Mechanics Startup Launchpad Incubator / Accelerator Program

For Venture Mechanics Incubator / Accelerator participants to organize their "deal rooms"



As a benefit to participants in the Venture Mechanics Incubator, this Sparkxyz deal room is provided free of charge. You can use it to organize your "deal room," i.e. to upload the current version of your business plan, founder profiles, status of your raises, etc. The deal room can be updated anytime anything significant changes with your business.


Your company MUST BE in the Venture Mechanics Incubator / Accelerator program in order to create your deal room here. To learn how to apply to the program, see https://vmcs-bellevue.com/incubator-program/

Unsolicited applications will be immediately deleted. 


By uploading all the materials and answering all the due diligence questions in your deal room, you'll eventually reach a state of readiness to be able to make your profile live in Spark, and to start submitting it to any of the hundreds of angel groups on the Sparkxyz platform, with just a single click.

What an Applicant can Obtain

This deal room is part and parcel of your participation in the Venture Mechanics incubator/accelerator. It is a convenient way to share your latest company status with your quarterback and mentors, team members, board members and investors.

Venture Mechanics has a variety of venture competitions that you can also submit your deal room to with a single click, when it's ready. These include the Launchpad Expo venture conferences, Venture Weekend pitch competitions, and various summits and workshops.

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