About Us

Why Spark xyz?

It shouldn't be this hard for the best startups and top students to connect.

Why is it not more specialized? Why can't I figure out that a friend of my friend is looking for a job in the startup world and is interested in the space that my startup is in? Why do I need to waste valuable time drugging through the nonsense of online classifieds looking for talent or a job? Why isn’t there a recruiting process built into the system so that I don’t recruit the wrong people?

When we realized there were huge misses in the recruiting system, we decided to fix it.

Why a Collective?

The more that we dug into the startup ecosystem, the more fragmented it became. There are a bunch of these individual sites trying to accomplish what can only be done in a collective.

The options that accelerators, incubators, and competitions have for operating their respective programs are limited, clunky, and occasionally don't even work; when their program ends? They have no idea what happens to the startups other than word of mouth. They have no data to track what happened or how the program itself could have been improved.

Entrepreneurs are then bogged down by these programs all asking the same questions for their applications, but we are forced to waste precious time filling out individual forms. They up missing competitions and deadlines because if you’re slammed, the choice between your venture and another competition is not a difficult one to make.

There is a monumental miss in the system and, honestly, we are here to clean up the mess that plagues the startup ecosystem to give everyone involved the chance to come out ahead.

About Us

Abe Park

Lucas J. Pols M.S. - CEO

A recent graduate from USC's MS in Entrepreneurship and Innovation program he previously was a Sales Executive at ADP, Inc. He obtained President’s Club multiple times, District Manager of the Year in 2012, and Regional Sales Executive of the Year in 2015.

He specializes in sales, leadership, and small business consulting, onboarding close to three-thousand clients over his tenure.
Abe Park

Abe park - CTO

Abe holds his CS degree from UCLA; for the last 14 years has lead teams and created full software architecture plans for companies such as Riot Games, the Rubicon Project, CBS, and Lunchbox.

His most recent project was leading the team that revamped the League of Legends store.